Knock Down and Rebuild Home Builder

As the rise in land prices continues and the growing shortage of inner city residential land, knock down of existing homes and rebuilding brand new custom built homes are becoming more popular.

JDC Building Services are experts in Knock Down and Rebuilds servicing North, South and Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. We are here to help in coordinating all aspects of Knock Down and Rebuild projects from start to completion. We will organise council approval, service disconnections, demolition and removal, design, construction and final inspections.

So why knock down and rebuild?

Your existing house is too old

Older houses typically have problems with heating and cooling due to poor insulation in the roof, walls or windows. There could be plumbing or wiring issues with difficult access to fix problems. The foundations may be getting poor and the outside facade may need a whole new facelift. All these costs add up before any real improvements are started. Even if these start-up problems are minimal, renovating your current home could result in a house that looks and feels disjointed as the new and old parts clash. 

Renovations can cost more

If you didn’t build your existing home, you don’t know what lurks behind the walls and floors of the house. Unexpected problems can occur such as re-wiring the whole house, restumping or underpinning to fix foundation problems, finding and properly removing and disposing of asbestos. Not only does this delay completion and cause more disruption and inconvenience if you decide to live at home whilst renovating, it could see budgets blow out. With Knockdown and Rebuild you start with a blank canvas allowing you to design the ideal home to suit your lifestyle desires now and in the future and more likely to stick to your budget.

You want to stay in the same neighbourhood

Your house may be looking tired or doesn’t suit your current living situations and maybe buying a new house in a different area seems like a good option, but you like where your live. With Knockdown and Rebuild there is no need to uproot your current lifestyle and start in a new suburb. You will still have the same shops, neighbours, schools, friends and familiar surroundings you grew to love.

Poor orientation or layout of the existing house

Nowadays when renovating there are stricter requirements for making your home energy efficient. Ideally, you want a house with northern sunlight exposure and if your home faces the wrong direction or cannot be extended for solar access you could be spending more on renovating to make you existing home meet energy efficiency ratings.

Increase your property’s value

You may think that it’s easier just to buy and move to a house that meets most of your lifestyle needs. Apart from spending weekends inspecting properties, you still may not find exactly what you want, where you want it and most importantly within budget. Buying somewhere else will have added costs with stamp duty, real estate and solicitor fees, mortgage insurance and more. A simpler solution would be to invest that time and money with a Knockdown and Rebuild. Not only will you have that new, modern dream home, there is the added benefit of increasing your property’s value in the long-run.

Newer houses are cheaper to run

Regulations in having new homes meet certain energy ratings, knockdown and rebuild can mean you design your home to have a higher rating potentially saving on energy bills, increasing living comfort and making your home more resilient to climate change. In addition, integrating smart technology in your home could also aid in energy saving costs.

Using JDC Building Services’ expert team of attention detailed architects, experienced engineers and modern interior designers will guarantee the Knock Down and Rebuild custom home that suits your lifestyle and budget.

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