Multi Dwelling Home Builder

As land space continues to become less affordable and available it is becoming more popular for a block of land to have multiple dwellings. Because of this residential land shortage, the application process for town planning permits are easier, along with more successful council approvals for multi-dwelling developments 

Despite the increase of successful approvals, the process of applying for town planning permits still requires extensive research to understand the council restrictions and regulations to ensure your application is approved.

Planning & Permit Applications For Multiple Houses/Units

JDC Building Services have the expertise and experience in navigating through this process by conducting due diligence, feasibility studies, advice on zoning and planning approvals, higher energy efficiency rating home designs, provisions for parking and other amenities. We will save you time, money and stress whilst improving your return on investment with multi-dwelling homes.

Benefits of Multiple Dwellings

The benefits of using your block of land to build multiple dwellings may include:

  • Additional rental income from each additional building
  • Tax benefits due to extra claimables
  • Increase the value of your property
  • Minimising income risk if one dwelling becomes vacant
  • Need for a second property for children or grandparents

Experts in Layout & Design

Get the most of your block of land with JDC Building Services. Our team of attention detailed architects and builders will help you carefully design your multiple dwellings to fit any budget and make the most of the space available and increasing your investment return. 

Get Started

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