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Renovating is a great way to give your tired looking home a fresh facelift whilst giving you the opportunity to include newer amenities, improving energy efficiency and installing smart technologies to suit your family lifestyle.

Renovations and additions will improve liveability and have the potential to increase property value. However, renovations will require careful planning and design and an experienced builder to make this a reality without blowing budgets, delaying completion or compromising on quality.

Builders with 25 Years Experience

JDC Building Services have over 25 years experience in home renovations in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, specialising in major kitchen and bathroom renovations. We pride ourselves in always providing reliable, functional and quality workmanship to suit any budgets. We do all sorts of renovations including minor and major kitchen and bathroom renovations, laundry renovations, and structural wall or doorway removals. 

Kitchen Renovations

Considered the most important room in the home, kitchen renovations will be one of the more expensive investments for your home. Done correctly, a new kitchen can make meal preparation easier and enjoyable and increase your property’s value. This is why careful planning and design is required to make use of all available space to provide enough benchtop and storage space, ensure proper placement of amenities for easier workflow (i.e. sink, refrigerator and stove triangle), and provide adequate lighting and ventilation over workspaces.

Tackling a major kitchen renovation project on your own can be stressful, as well as wasting your time, money and energy. Entrust our professional kitchen designers and builders at JDC Building Services to handle your kitchen renovation burden to deliver you a beautiful, yet functional, designed kitchen to fit your lifestyle tastes and budget.

Bathroom Renovations

In the past bathrooms served to be functional usually featuring a toilet, shower and sink. Nowadays, bathrooms are not only functional but also include some element of luxury, relaxation and comfort. Most bathroom renovations are restricted by space which can limit what can be done to provide that extra comfort. Our bathroom renovation experts at JDC Building Services will guide you on designing a modern stylish bathroom that fits with the rest of your home as well as increasing value to your property’s value.

If current bathroom space is limited we can potentially see if extending into other living areas is feasible structurally and within budget, or use the latest innovative design and fixtures to make your bathroom feel larger and more comfortable. We also take into consideration proper waterproofing and ventilation to prevent water damage and mould, and natural lighting to enhance brightness. 

Laundry Renovations

The Laundry room may be one of the underappreciated rooms in the house. However a laundry renovation could make the dreary chore of washing clothes more enjoyable when designed to have a practical layout for smooth workflow, stylish fixtures and fittings providing better functionality, and proper ventilation and abundant natural light to give warmth to the room.

If your laundry room is limited in space, JDC Building Services will work with you to design a well organised laundry using all available floor and wall space and using space saving fittings to create the best solution for the family.

Structural Renovations

Older homes were built with separate designated rooms which can leave a home feeling small, crowded and dark. Depending on the layout of your current home, removing certain walls or enlarging doorways to open up a small space can create a modern open-spaced home. Examples for structural renovations may include:

  • Removing a wall between a toilet and bathroom creating a large stylish bathroom
  • Enlarging a doorway between kitchen and dining room to create an open-planned meal preparation and dining area
  • Installing large external doors from dining area to an outdoor entertaining area

Get Started

Thinking of improving your home with a kitchen, bathroom or laundry renovation? Or want to make your living areas more modern? Our friendly renovation experts at JDC Building Services can make this dream possible guiding you through the renovation process. Have a friendly chat with our team on 0434 017 074.