Specialist Sloping Block Builders

Are you worried that building your dream home on a sloping block will be impossible or costly? Cannot find a builder who is confident or experienced with sloping block builds?

Put your mind at ease with JDC Building Services, where our professional builders with vast knowledge and extensive experience will listen to your needs to make your dream home a reality.  

JDC Building Services know that every sloping block is different and cannot have a one-size-fits-all solution. Because of this, each sloping block design and build come with their own individual challenges. Common considerations we look at when building on a sloping block are:

Height restrictions

Generally blocks sloping down from the front pose a problem to comply with building height requirements set under the Victorian Building Regulations unless specified restrictions also apply from a planning overlay or building envelope. JDC Building Services can help you in getting the information before planning and design.  

The slope/gradient of the block

To avoid costly and extensive excavations and retaining structures, we aim to take advantage of the existing slope in designing your home. Several home designs work well with a sloping block including split-level, double storey, triple storey, and underneath basement or garage. By working with the slope you can build your dream home within budget.

Overshadowing of neighbouring houses

Having a home built on higher slopes could lead to objections from neighbours about privacy, and restrict window placement in certain rooms. We aim to still provide your design desires through the use of strategically placed screens or obscure glazing when necessary to keep both parties happy.  

Drainage issues

JDC Building Services always comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) to guarantee proper drainage and water run-off is accomplished to avoid damage to your home and neighbouring houses.

Compliance with council regulations

JDC Building Services will work with your council to ensure your home is compliant with any regulations including but not limited to:

  • Building height restrictions

  • Overshadowing

  • Building regulations

  • Planning permits

  • Drainage

  • Fencing

  • Covenants pertaining to the title of the block

JDC builders are all fully licenced and registered with the building regulation authority. We abide by all codes of conduct relevant to the industry.

Soil retention

Ideally we work with the slope of your block to build your home, but in cases where large site excavations are required we ensure soil retention through retaining walls and structures.

Orientation of the house

For maximising energy efficiency and improving liveability, it is ideal to have a northern facing orientation for the living areas. This can present a challenge on a sloping block. We work on providing the best possible outcome taking into consideration overshadowing, street orientation and your design needs.

No driveway or steep driveway access

Designing a driveway on a sloping block needs to be considered early in the design phase including access to the road and house, how steep an angle is acceptable and drainage away from the garage and house. Pedestrian access to the house should also be considered at the same time to avoid dangerous inclines.  

JDC are the Sloping Block Experts

With our specialist skill sets in building on sloping blocks, JDC Building Services are up for all these challenges and more to find a solution that ensures your house is built structurally sound and complies with regulation whilst still matching your home lifestyle and desires. We collaborate with expert engineers, detail-oriented architects and stylish designers from concept to completion, finding the most cost-effective and energy efficient building design and construction methods to suit any budget. The results will be a stunning, unique home taking advantage of the views, shape and fall of your sloping block.   

Get Started

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