Split Level Home Builder

Builders with limited experience building on difficult or sloping blocks will generally proceed with slab homes cut into the block which is time-consuming, can create problems with retaining structures & drainage, and can put additional strain on your budget with increased costs.

Instead of cutting into the slope, JDC Building Services can often work with the slope to design and build amazing homes with many benefits compared to regular slab homes. Split-level homes are a great solution for building on difficult or sloping blocks and can have two or three short flight of stairs with up to four separate levels. 

Some of the benefits of split-level homes are:

Maximising the space on your block

Single level houses are quite 2-dimensional requiring a large amount of land, which may limit how many rooms can be built, restrict the size of rooms, or sacrificing outdoor entertaining areas and gardens. Split-level homes takes full advantage of all spaces on your land including building up and down allowing you plenty of room for that big house you desire without compromising outdoor space. JDC Building Services will work with you to design a split-level home maximising all available space on your block.

Limitless unique design options

You don’t need to settle on pre-designed single-level homes. Split-level homes offer a large range of unique layout choices allowing separate zoning for bedrooms and living spaces. You can have the living areas on the higher levels to capture the surrounding views and natural light or vice versa. Split-level homes are great for families with children with the ability to design children’s bedroom and rumpus zones separate from the main bedroom. The possibilities are limitless with split-level homes with JDC Building Services.

Cost savings

JDC Building Services takes advantage of the slope of your block to build split-level homes rather than large costly excavations to flatten your block before building. Cutting into the block can have unexpected costs such as removal of large rocks, redirecting water or gas pipes or retaining poor soil areas. 

Great views

Depending on neighbouring houses and landscape, if your block is up high you could have a magnificent opportunity to build a split-level home that has stunning views rather than having obstructed views with a single-level home. JDC Building Services can help design a split-level home to make the most of your block to maximise surrounding views. 

Energy efficiency

Split level homes have the benefits of making use of natural light, ventilation and airflow as well as preserving natural water drainage. Our careful designs can give you a home that is energy efficient whilst providing comfort and control in all climates and seasons. The added benefit is saving in heating and cooling costs.

JDC Building Services have a team of talented architects, expert engineers and stylish interior designers to deliver a split-level home solution that provides functional living spaces with enough outdoor areas. Your home will be energy efficient by taking advantage of natural light and airflow, and highlight any surrounding views provided by your block, all without breaking the budget.

Get Started

Want a home that can offer you flexible living arrangements, provide stunning views and maximise the space on your unusual block without costing the earth? Consider building a split-level home with our team of expert builders at JDC Building Services. Talk to our friendly team on 0434 017 074 to see the range of options we can provide to make your home a reality.